Fair Trade Changes Lives!

Our Impact

Fair Trade Laos is all about positive impact and supporting impoverished producers and their communities. Through fair trade we ensure sustainable livelihoods and contribute to improving the living conditions of the poorest in Lao PDR by empowering small-scale producers.

As a cooperative of 10 members Fair Trade Laos helps over 3000 artisans and farmers in 88 villages over 16 provinces in Laos.

The number of villages our members work in...

$76,450 USD Spent on Community Development!

Fair Trade Laos certified members are committed to investing in community development.  Members have been involved in education projects and vocational training, improving water and hygiene infrastructure, microfinance and more.

Fuang’s Story

“Before working for AgroAsie I was struggling to find work because of my disability. As a young man I fell of a truck and broke my ankle. Medical treatment in Laos is not good and my simple injury got infected leading to several amputations until I lost my whole leg. I also lost my hearing due to being given too much anesthetic for one of my amputations. My disabilities made it very difficult for me to find steady work to support my family. Now my life has completely changed since my wife and I have been working on the AgroAsie farm in Sangthong disctrict in Vientiane for 5 years. I am very happy that through fair trade I have the opportunity to do meaningful work, get a steady income and be paid fairly.” Fuang works for FTL member AgroAsie. 

We Empower Women

Fair Trade Laos members are committed to empowering women by providing them with job opportunities and vocational training so that they can earn steady incomes to support their families. Studies show that when women are given opportunities to earn an income they are more likely to invest in their children’s education and pull their whole family out of poverty.


Fair Trade Laos members workforce is made up of approximately 63% women.

Right photo courtesy of TAEC.

Environmental Sustainability

Fair Trade Laos members are committed to environmental sustainability and have many environmental policies in place including recycling, using organic raw materials where possible, natural dyes, not using plastic bags and minimising usage of electricity and water.

Sang’s Story

“In the past I cannot make much money from weaving because there are not many buyers nearby.  After joining the weaver’s group led by Khampha, things have become better. We have more places to sell our weaving.  This is because Saoban links us to more buyers and we now get more orders.  I now earn about 900,000 kip per month so I can keep my children in school until they finish high school.” Read the full story on Saoban’s website.